A Modern Day Scavenger Hunt Yields Free 3D-Printable NFTs

2 min readJul 27, 2022


This is the retelling of a story from @koltast. Please check out his thread for a full summary.

It all started with a cryptic message. Someone posted a Caesar Cipher to the Ethentic twitter account, with a hint about one of the Ethentic Factory employees who was up to no good…

Try to decode this yourself to find out some lore ;)

Koltast decoded this obscure message, which told him to be on the lookout for a “Quick Response”. He got the hint and began snooping around the Ethentic socials, looking for pieces of a QR code to assemble together.

Once found, Koltast and his wife printed out the pieces and assembled them together. But there were missing segments in the image! How could they scan it with these gaps?

Assembling the QR code in analog mode

Koltast’s wife had an idea: what if they used the shadows from the existing pieces to guess where the remaining chunks are?

They tried it and it worked! Finally, a full QR code. But what was on the other side of scanning it?

Koltast was linked to what appeared to be a secret chat between an Ethentic employee, Phil Laments, and a hooded figure. They were talking about stolen Ethentic pieces!

A segment of the secret chat page

It looked like Phil was getting nervous of still having the stolen goods, and desperately wanted to send them to somebody. Koltast, intercepting the communication, reached out to him via twitter DMs and gave him an Ethereum address.

Koltast reaching out to Phil for the stolen goods!

With that, Phil sent two of his ill-gotten Causeways to Koltast and his sleuthing wife, and all was right in the world.

Ethentic would like to note that Phil Laments still has not been apprehended for his charges of theft, and is on the loose. If anyone sees him, please notify us with his exact GPS whereabouts. A reward is being offered.




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